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You can help us a lot by playing and sharing. 

We need to know what do you think, and what we can improve or change for the future versions, so if you can fill this form would be awesome! ;

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About us

We are a small team from Chile;  Marco Montes // Manuel Sepulveda,  who wants to make a dream come true. This is our very first serious project, but we had experience in Animation and 3D  Modelling before, and some mods for video games ( CS 1.6,  GTA SA ) also little projects using GoldSrc. 

After we drop out college (from different reasons) we meet again some time after, and we decide that we want to make a REAL project. (Ironic that is a FAKE game isn't it?) 

About the "game"

A Fake Game was born because we think that today society it's a fake society, so we want it to join on the party, by creating a game that shows how we perceive reality, if there is any. 

Why we call it a "game"? ( with quotation marks ) very simple, besides that said before, we are not expert in making games, this is our first project, so it has some aspects that a game should have, but it's not perfect at all.

Wait, this is a demo, so why do you want a donation for?

It will help us to keep us alive, we are working on a crowdfunding, but for different problems, we are still unable to do it.  Besides, you don't HAVE to...do you?


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Was really nice and interesting, very clever, definitely grew to like it a lot over time but unfortunately I think I broke the game at the end? The game stopped responding (around 16 mins) :( thank you for the demo though, I look forward to more! :D

Thank you so much for your gameplay!! Sadly, you found a new bug. Thanks for that anyway, so we can fix it!. Thanks again <3


What a unique and interesting game this was, it conveys quite a few messages and even shows 4th wall elements like the entity with the plague mask knows more than what is just in the game.

 There was also a nice comedy put in where if you fail to throw the rock at the target you get brained to the ground and also when speaking to the entity you can get a nasty yet comical slap!

 The puzzles were really intriguing yet simple to solve , the gameplay itself is smooth and there is some good background music to add to an immersive experience and also there is a pleasing asthetic art styling and lighting to the game.

The only negative comment i have is there was a great party going on in that cave and the character didn't want to go in! haha!

Overall a nice game so far with a pleasant experience.

Thank you so much!!!! ❤


Gave it a go...


I love the changes! Can't wait for more!

(1 edit)

Thank you a lot!!!! ❤❤❤

P.S  Number 1 is a secret, you will know more in the future 😉

I can't wait to see!!


We are so excited your game!

If you release product version,We will buy it!

Thank you.

Thaaaaanks!!! We hope in the future we can translate it to Japanese


devo provare ancora il gioco ma sembra bello

Thank you!!! <3


Hi, I played your Demo and loved it. Cant wait for more. I also wrote a review about your game.



Niceee! Thank you so much for your review! We are working on the next update for a better version of the demo. Thanks again :)


I enjoyed this Game, the solution wasn't obvius +1

Thank you a lot! We really appreciate your gameplay <3 54 minutes of pure awesomeness. We are gonna make and update soon, we just had a problem with our computers, so we are trying to fix it, soon as possible we are gonna upload the new version.


This game wait nevermind this fake game is honestly so very fun and I enjoy myself a good puzzle which this game definitely supplied. And at the same time it was actually really funny. I liked the demo so much that I put it in my 3 special games video. This game is the second out of the three. Can’t wait for the full game. Good Luck.

Heey, thank you so much! <3


This game was weird but great! I'm looking forward to the full release. I'm very excited!

Thank you a lot! We know you have a lot of questions, but we want to answer them in the full release! Thanks again <3


Totally keep it up, i'm sorry i can't donate right now, i'm a student myself, but i'm pretty sure i'll bought once it's done. I've got a good feeling with this one guys, good job. (btw, i'm mexican, proud to see latin american community growing up with games like this).

Muchas graciaass amigo <3!!!

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lol thank you for your gameplay! We are still in development, so if you want more fps, try playing in high, and in windows mode (f11). Thanks again :D

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:D fun you game


Awesome game! We featured it in our latest video! You can check it out here if you’re interested!

We really appreciated <3 


never expected the answer is lungs hahaha, great job!

Thank you :) <3 !!


very confusing indeed but enjoyable. 

It is confusing! But we are gonna answer some questions soon. Thank you so much for your gameplay, pretty funny! 

no problem im looking forward to the answers :D 


Very weird but also very compelling! So many questions so little answers! 

Thank you very much! It was a pretty dope gameplay! We are gonna fix the velocity on the text, thanks you ;)


This was odd, but I liked it. It generates so many questions, I look forward to some answers. :)


Thank you so much! <3


was really fun. I wish you all the success 

Thank youuu!!! We love the cut that you did in the "fight" with those targets :D, really funny <3


best DEMO ever, I hope you continue with the story later on.

Thank you so much! Yeah, we are gonna complete thihs game no matter what, there is a lot of support from you guys :') Thanks. We are gonna fix the main bugs, then focus on finish the story.


Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Sure thing we do! We love your gameplay, pretty funny. Thank you so much for sharing it! It means a lot <3

Thank you i'm really glad you liked it :)


This was a very dope demo I love games that break the meta and the fourth wall and it does it well. The game rose a lot more questions then answers so I really hope you'll get enough support to continue the game it was a ton of fun and really well done. my full play through here: 


Thank you SO MUCH for your support! We gonna do our best to take this project to the next level. Thank you again!